Episode 154: Surrender Your Cobra

Arif and Dusty get together during the VIkings' bye week to recap a thorough beating of the Texans and review the rather extensive Vikings injury report before taking a victory lap around the division and answering an extended mailbag featuring questions about dopey QBs, slow cookers, and Arif's professional wrestling persona. (A few about football, too.) Don't miss it!

Episode 153: Keep Everybody Alive w/ Brett Kolman

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by YouTube star, NFL production staffer, and closet Vikings fan Brett Kollmann to talk mostly Vikings defense in advance of the Texans game. Featuring high expectations for T.J. Clemmings, some nice things about Harrison Smith, and a crucial bit of information about how to grow delicious brussels sprouts, this episode will reinforce the spreading belief that the Vikings are the best in the NFC, if not the entire NFL.

Episode 152: Zim Reapers

Arif and James recap the stellar performance the Vikings put together against the Giants and talk about the three-phase win the Vikings created. After that, they get into the nitty-gritty and attempt to figure out a better name for the defense than Purple Reign (it's in the title). It won't work.

Episode 151: Do Stuff (Giants Preview)

Arif and Dusty meet to discuss the Vikings prime-time curse before breaking down a matchup against a team that is historically susceptible to the power of purple. Did the Giants really improve their defensive line? How long can Sam Bradford keep this up? Whose phone numbers does Eli have? We answer all these questions and more on this week's game preview!

Episode 150: Punching Cam Newton in the Face

Arif and James break down the win against the NFC favorites, Carolina Panthers. They talk about the state of the offensive line, take a look at all the talk about "sustainability" and try to figure out if the running game has improved or stayed stagnant.

Episode 149: Panthers Preview w/Edgar Salmigo

Arif and James bring on guest Edgar Salmingo from PanthersWire of USAToday to discuss the matchup the with the Vikings. How do you stop Kelvin Benjamin? Do running back injuries hurt the Panthers more than the Vikings? Why is Stefon Diggs uniquely capable of producing against an otherwise tough Carolina defense?

Episode 147: China Food

Is Sam Bradford any good? What about Adrian Peterson? What about Aaron Rodgers? How fat is Eddie Lacy, and what did he have for lunch today? Is every player worth a first round draft pick or a $200 million dollar contract? Is Carson Palmer good enough for the Hall of Very Good? Norse Code MVP/LVP Justis Mosqueda joins Arif and Dusty to answer all these questions and many more before serving up a 32-course meal of hot, fresh takes from all over the league. Featuring fantastic nicknames for Brock Ostweiler and Tyrod Taylor, this Green Bay preview episode is a phenomenal first look at basically the entire 2016 NFL season.


Episode 146: Spoons Out for Harambe

In the first recap episode of the Vikings season, Arif and James break down each unit and their performanc. They try to figure out if Adrian Peterson's poor game was representative or fluky, whether or not the offensive line caused his problems and what might happen to the quarterback situation for next week.

Episode 145: Sham Hilford w/Ben Natan

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by Bleeding Green Nation's Ben Natan, and a deep dive into the details of The Trade happens. Should Shaun Hill start Week 1? Did the Vikings pay too much for Sam Bradford? Will Bradford erupt from his chrysalis a fully-formed, team-leading butterfly? Is Food Wars a show about food? Answers to these questions and more are all in this week's Norse Code!

Episode 144: Turbulent Jiggling

This week, Arif and Dusty settle in to break down a preseason win against the Seahawks that was conspicuously Teddy-free, and then fully analyze Mike Zimmer's series of semi-responses to Teddy not playing. Featuring an incredibly deep and confusing dive into elite coffee competititons and a mailbag with another solid anime recco, this episode is, by all accounts, one of the most fun tapings ever for the people involved. (Hopefully it is also that for you.)

Episode 143: Preseason Bengals Recap, Seahawks Preview

This week, Arif and Dusty recap the first Vikings preseason game of the year, preview matchups as best as one can in the preseason for Thursday's game against Seattle, and answer your mailbag questions! Featuring a shameless plug for Star Trek: Beyond and some updated anime suggestions, this episode is real real good!

Episode 142: The Rule of Sevens

This week, Arif and Dusty take a few minutes to ask "What is the deal with airline seats?" before recapping training camp, some Vikings news, making fun of Tim Tebow's claim that he wants to play major league baseball, and answering an extended series of mailbag questions. Featuring a new bit that will likely be deployed during the season, this episode is not to be missed!

Episode 141: Teddy and the Long Ball

In this episode of Norse Code, James fills in for Dusty while Dusty does some clandestine work in New York that he is not allowed to talk about and is therefore open to wild speculation. In that vein, we wildly speculate about the comings and goings of training camp thus far.

Episode 140: The Short Goodbye

This week, Arif and Dusty briefly stop Pokemon hunting to pay tribute to the late great Denny Green and say goodbye to Greg Jennings and Phil Loadholt. Featuring one mailbag question that gives a pretty clear picture of the Vikings starting offensive line for 2016, this is the final episode before Arif leaves for training camp, and your last chance to finish your offseason with the #1 podcast for your Minnesota Vikings!

Episode 139: Before A Season Filled With Opportunity

Dusty and Arif return from two weeks' unscheduled summer vacation to celebrate Norse Code's 3rd anniversary with Derrik Klassen of QB Mecca. This week, it's all about Teddy and the quarterback he most resembles, . Featuring a game of Would You Rather that dives deep into the intricacies of who matters most on a football team, and a mailbag answer that dives deep into both the best equipment and food to grill and/or tailgate with, this episode is, for Norse Code, before a season filled with opportunity to define its legacy, a great big shining star!

Episode 138: Grumpy Young Men

This week, Daniel House of Vikings Corner joins Arif and Dusty to talk about the UND Fighting Hawks logo, the gross mismanagement of the Minnesota Twins, the vagaries of thunderstorms, whether or not Wreck-It Ralph is better than Toy Story, what to eat during a Vikings game, and also a few minutes of genuine football content in advance of training camp. Featuring a surprisingly hot take about who might not make the final roster, this epsiode is assuredly pretty good.

Episode 137: Bear Necessities

This week, Arif and Dusty meet to preview the Chicago Bears, with Arif masquerading as a Bears expert and Dusty in a knowledgeable interviewer's costume. Featuring a key difference between Arif's player analysis and that of Chicago's front office, as well as a thorough breakdown of the many new young players on the Bears, this episode is essential preseason listening!