Episode 220: Harrison Smith, Satan's Crowbar

This week, Arif and Dusty meet to preview the Vikings’ toughest matchup this season, against a very successful Saints team that doesn’t look much like the one that was handily dispatched back in Week 1. Featuring a defense of tomato soup and a scientifically-derived near-lock for the Vikings, this episode is essential pregame listening!

Norse Code and the 2009 NFC Championship Game

James and Arif are back in a very special episode of Norse Code. Ever wonder what it would be like to watch a football game with Arif and/or James? Instead of previewing the Saints/Vikings playoff game we decided to go back and watch the 2009 heart-breaker of an NFC Championship game.

Episode 219: The Correct Improper Thing

James and Arif are back after an unexpected vacation! And while Arif is still on vacation (apologies as his microphone stayed in Minneapolis) we go over the Bears & Packers games, the Case Keenum article, NFC North coaching openings, a playoff preview, and the mailbag. Over two hours of Norse Code for your cold selves to enjoy. We also discuss disappointing food and James’ irrational hate of Ruby Tuesdays (dirrty). Enjoy and we’ll be back next week!

A Very Special Norse Code Christmas, Season 5 Edition

It's clip show time! James, Arif, and Dusty (and various guests including our former intern Carson) are here to wish you a happy holidays with a wide variety of Norse Code goodness. We have Arif nearly getting into a fight over a Wentz take, Jay Cutler, Chocolate Rain, Cool Runnings, and a discussion about whether or not Avril Lavigne is alive. 

No chavs were hurt in the recording of this show. 

We will be back later in the week with a review of the Packers game and a preview of the Bears match up. Thanks for the support this year! We look forward to demanding excellence in 2018 as well.


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Episode 218: Green Malk

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by the managing editor of the Acme Packing Company, Tex Western. Lamenting the loss of the Packers season, Ted illustrates position matchups and talks about the future of the Packers organization before answering a very special Christmas mailbag. Featuring reviews of both Denver's new Pieology and The Last Jedi, this episode is essential holiday listening!

Episode 217: Eric Kendricks is Good at Football

The Minnesota Vikings have won the NFC North and the Green Bay Packers are out of the playoffs. All is well with James and Arif as they break down the victory over the Cincinnati Bengals and praise the unsung heroes of this team. We also talk about Teddy's return to the field and whether Arif dislikes Eric Kendricks. 

Episode 216: Everyone Dies w/Joe Goodberry

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by comic book and Bengals enthusiast Joe Goodberry to break down position matchups for the Cincinnatti game before giving up like Cincy has and talking about the Marvel and DC comic universes, with a generous portion of Star Wars shade thrown in!

Episode 214: Panthers Preview w/Scott Leedy

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by Scott Leedy, co-host of the Missed Opportunities podcast, who claims to know more about the Carolina Panthers than almost anyone else. Featuring position-by-position matchup breakdowns and an amazing throwback board game that is news to all three hosts, this episode will make you forget about the working man's struggle!

Episode 213: Weathering the Storm

Arif and James recap the game against the Atlanta Falcons and break down what worked and what didn’t. After agonizing through breaking down a successful game, they move on to recommending venison preparations.

Episode 212: Falcons Preview w/Charles McDonald

Arif sits down with Charles McDonald of Football Outsiders, the Falcoholic and the Setting the Edge podcast to talk about the upcoming Minnesota Vikings game against the Atlanta Falcons. Afterwards, Arif and Dusty have a mailbag that includes an extensive discussion of the best fast food burrito.

Episode 211: Defeating the Refs

James and Arif welcome you back from Thanksgiving break and breakdown the Lions game. We go over the odd day for Xavier Rhodes, the refs, and the continued great play of Case Keenum. All this and a mailbag mostly about Keenum this episode of Norse Code!

Episode 210: The Knife's Edge

It’s a Thanksgiving Preview/Recap combined episode: twice as long so you can survive the drive to AND from work! In this three-man episode, James, Dusty and Arif review the Rams game and talk more about the quarterback question as well as how good the rest of the team around them is. After that, they talk about what’s changed with the Lions and how the Vikings can approach the game on Thanksgiving. Also, they dole out the Thanksgiving food takes, starting with the truth that turkey is a trash meat and doesn’t even have the best legs.

Episode 208: Learning Our Lesson

Arif and James recap the Minnesota Vikings win over Washington and what it means for the most enduring question of the season. They also gripe about the vagaries of the NFL and how life has no meaning.

Episode 207: Happy Birthday Teddy

This week, Arif and Dusty do an extended throwback episode that contains the 5th Annual Midseason Awards as well as a preview of the Washington game. Featuring discussions about insensitive team nicknames and how NFL ratings aren't really going down, this episode brings it back to the lecture at hand!

Episode 206: Who is Good w/Josh Risdon

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by Josh Risdon of Browns wire and RealGM.com to answer the age-old question: is anyone on the Browns any good? The answers may surprise you. Featuring a London-centric mailbag for obvious reasons, don't miss this scintillating preview of the Vikings' trip across the pond!

Episode 205: Getting Weird With It

James and Arif recap their thoughts on the Minnesota Vikings 24-16 win over the Baltimore Ravens in a special teams shootout of sorts. We talk about Latavius Murray, Case Keenum and Marcus Sherels, then talk about the future of the roster, including impending deals with Anthony Barr.