Episode 185: Lazy Mayonaise

This week, Arif and Dusty throw down the gauntlet in a charity battle for more ratings than the Title Town Sound Off podcast. Also, the latest on the kombucha debacle, a generally offtopic mailbag, the launch of the first piece of official Norse Code merchandise, and one more exciting announcement...

Episode 184: A Very Special Rudy & Floyd

This week, Arif and Dusty return from an extended hiatus to cast a skeptical glance or two at Michael Floyd's excuse for failing a Breathalyzer while on house arrest. Featuring updates on players making weight, the case for Eric Decker, an OTA recap, and a Marvel superhero-heavy mailbag!

Episode 183: Rudy & Floyd

This week, Arif and Dusty meet to discuss Arif's cornerback skills, OTAs, and the state of Vikings rookie contracts. Featuring the return of The Heismen with a new spinoff and more than you ever wanted to know about Mike Zimmer's eye, and some truly terrible drinking advice, this episode is better than a can of Hamm's!

Episode 182: Optimum Johnson

This week, Arif, Dusty, and Carson recap the latest Vikings roster moves and discuss the threshold for dismissing/keeping a starting quarterback. Featuring the hottest take on Avril Lavigne and the most unconventional bacon-cooking technique perhaps ever, this episode is at once complicated and the best damn thing!

Episode 180: Wide(r) Left Draft Preview w/Ben Natan

Arif Hasan engages in blatant cronyism when he discovers he has to host a podcast, and brings on his co-host from another podcast to do draft analysis. They talk about the Vikings options at pick 48 and run down the positions of need before they cave in and compare Eagles players to the Trump white house.

Episode 179: Ma La for Life

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by intern Carson to attack some league news, Vikings news, and some Vikings-centric mock drafts. Featuring some measured takes on the draft, a couple of memorable plays, and a remarkably unconventional way to rescue your trash frozen pizza, this episode is reluctantly a little below average!

Episode 178: Sharrif Needs a Hug

We’re joined by our new intern, Carson Schubert! We talk about the depressing news of Sharrif Floyd, the potentially sad news of Latavius Murray and the happy news of Teddy Bridgewater. Then we talk about the rest of the league.

Episode 177: Only A Little Below Average w/Eric Thompson

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by Daily Norseman's Eric Thompson to break down all the gains and losses so far in free agency, with a lingering question mark over Latavius Murray. Featuring a spirited (no pun intended) discussion about which holiday is most overrated, this episode is a perfect complement to your St. Patrick's Day week!

Episode 176: Combine Recap w/Ethan Young

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by college and NFL scout and Bleacher Report draft writer Ethan Young to talk about the combine, specifically how Young thinks athletic performances at the combine will translate into player performances for just about every position on the field. Featuring a mailbag where Arif insists for possibly the last time that he doesn't hate Chad Greenway, this episode is essential listening!

Episode 175: The Million-Dollar Island

This week, Arif and Dusty take a quick look at the swirling morass of free agency rumors in advance of the scouting combine. Featuring further attempts to divine Adrian Peterson's mindset and a strong list of names you may not have thought of as free agency candidates for the Vikings, this episode hits its marks (but doesn't win the free island, on purpose.)

Episode 174: Combine Preview w/Kyle Crabbs

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by the author of the NFL Draft Prospectus and NDT Scouting founder Kyle Crabbs, whereupon the guys break down the combine position by position, looking at desirable outcomes in relevant combine events as well as picking out players that could be standouts in nearly every department of the 2017 draft class. Don't miss it!

Episode 173: Excessive Bermanizing

This week, Dusty and Arif return fresh and rested from a relatively long vacation to recap Super Bowl props and respond to the latest shit Adrian Peterson said on Twitter. Featuring all the way Adam Thielen is like Julian Edelman and a classic mailbag, this episode will remind you why Norse Code is still the #1 podcast for your Minnesota Vikings in our minds and in your hearts!

Episode 172: Super Senior Prop Bowl

This week, Arif and Dusty reconvene after an impromptu vacation to recap the Senior Bowl and talk draft prospects before diving deep into a panel of Super Bowl bets that we would never encourage you to make. Featuring real talk about what Arif is willing to fight for, this episode will make you want to take a punch!

Episode 171: A Blank Piece of Paper

This week, Arif and Dusty save the Vikings news for the mailbag as they recap the wild-card playoff round and preview the divisional round. Featuring a fully fleshed-out Hall of Wasted Potential and the imagined return of Bill Musgrave, this episode is not to be missed!

Episode 170: Waffle-esque w/Matt Miller

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by Matt Miller, lead draft writer for Bleacher Report, to talk about potential 2017 draft prospects. Covering all the positions of interest (offensive line, safety, WR) and the dreaded "best value at draft position X," Matt gives us a strong foundation for the next four months of mock drafts. Featuring a mailbag where Arif disputes the inherent goodness of crispy things, this episode starts 2017 off right!

Episode 169: Nice!

This week, Arif and Dusty meet up after a drama-filled Vikings week to recap the Packers game and halfheartedly preview the Bears game, while giving as precise a breakdown of the defensive backs' Sunday mutiny as possible and answering as many mailbag questions as possible before Arif is stolen by ghosts of Internet past. Don't miss it!

Episode 168: Reverse Trolling w/Justis Mosqueda

It’s the return of the least valuable guest we ever bring on to Norse Code to talk about the Green Bay Packers and whatever else comes to mind. We broach specific matchups in the game, Aaron Rodgers’ career and playoff odds in general. We also talk about gambling and coaching but not quite gambling while coaching.