About Our Staff

Dusty O'Connell is a sports fan and big nerd from Grand Forks, ND. His hobbies include cooking, coffee, disc golf, and riding his sweet single-speed bike through downtown traffic. He brings 7 years of podcast experience to Norse Code after hosting and producing The Untitled 1 Show and States' Rights Minute with James Pogatshnik. (Both shows were known to have tens of listeners.) Dusty also volunteers for KGNU Radio as a reporter, soundboard operator, and outreach specialist. In his other, non-media life, Dusty is a BarSmarts-certified mixologist and operates his own private bartending service in Denver, Colorado where he currently resides.

Arif Hasan is a sports journalist and Star Wars enthusiast who writes mostly but not only about the Minnesota Vikings. His work has been featured in Business Insider, Fox Sports, Forbes, Bleacher Report, Vikings Territory, the Daily Norseman, Optimum Scouting, and Purple PTSD. He brings 5+ years of experience as a sportswriter to Norse Code as well as a particular facility with the technical aspects of football and a near-encyclopedic knowledge of current and many former players. Arif has previously worked in politics, communications, and education in his current city of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

James Pogatshnik is a recording professional and towering giant of a producer (literally), being 6'5" tall and having worked on dozens of musical and spoken-word audio productions. Aside from applying a special shine to Norse Code and stepping in as needed to host the show and run the official Norse Code Twitter account, James is the Director of Media Services at the University of Minnesota-Crookston. He currently resides in Grand Forks, ND.