Episode 208: Learning Our Lesson

Arif and James recap the Minnesota Vikings win over Washington and what it means for the most enduring question of the season. They also gripe about the vagaries of the NFL and how life has no meaning.

Episode 207: Happy Birthday Teddy

This week, Arif and Dusty do an extended throwback episode that contains the 5th Annual Midseason Awards as well as a preview of the Washington game. Featuring discussions about insensitive team nicknames and how NFL ratings aren't really going down, this episode brings it back to the lecture at hand!

Episode 206: Who is Good w/Josh Risdon

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by Josh Risdon of Browns wire and RealGM.com to answer the age-old question: is anyone on the Browns any good? The answers may surprise you. Featuring a London-centric mailbag for obvious reasons, don't miss this scintillating preview of the Vikings' trip across the pond!

Episode 205: Getting Weird With It

James and Arif recap their thoughts on the Minnesota Vikings 24-16 win over the Baltimore Ravens in a special teams shootout of sorts. We talk about Latavius Murray, Case Keenum and Marcus Sherels, then talk about the future of the roster, including impending deals with Anthony Barr.

Episode 204: Transforming Into A Corncob

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by Ravens enthusiast Dylan Bishop to discuss the relative eliteness of Joe Flacco and the Ravens as well as Arif's worst week on Twitter, ever. Also featuring the relative merits of Jerick, Tre, and LaQuon, this episode is 100% not-ownage!

Episode 203: Out of Challenges

Arif and James recap the Vikings victory over the Packers in the only way they know how — with rants and tangents. They cover an extensive mailbag and talk about your most burning question: what should you eat?

Episode 202: The Same Hat

Arif brings on a guest — Alex Petakas from the Acme Packing Company — to talk about the upcoming Packers game and preview the roster matchups. After that, James and Arif take on a mailbag with recommendations for strip mall Indian food and awful takes on PB&J sandwiches

Episode 200: Bear Sticks w/Lorin Cox

What are bear sticks? Listen to Arif and Dusty find out. We invite on guest Lorin Cox to talk about the upcoming Bears game and the new quarterback Mitch Trubisky. That, and a mailbag about running backs on this episode of Norse Code.

Episode 199: In Some Games, Bad Things Happen

Arif and James go through the painful process of recapping the Detroit Lions game and discussing the season-ending injury for Dalvin Cook. After that, they look at the rest of the game and break down what went wrong and what went right. They follow that up with an extensive mailbag that ends in Absinthe and Shepherd’s Pie

Episode 198: Happy Birthday Arif

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by FiveThirtyEight's Ty Schalter to preview Sunday's Lions game. Featuring extended breakdowns of every position group and a surprising choice for best birthday cake! Don't miss it!

Episode 197: Inherently Aggressive

Reviewing a glorious victory delivered by way of the King of Tampa Bay, Case Keenum, Arif Hasan and James Pogatshnik break down the best performances from the Vikings and talk about what to think about going forward. After that, a very good mailbag discusses James’ awful food takes as well as some of the best ways to prepare mashed potatoes.

Episode 195: Day to Day

Arif Hasan and James Pogatshnik recap the brutal game the Minnesota Vikings played against the Pittsburgh Steelers, but also point out some highlight moments and reason for optimism. After that, they tell you to drop out of college.

Episode 194: Monumentally Small

This week, Arif and Dusty are joined by Jon Ledward of FanRag, NDT Scouting, and Scout.com to talk Thursday Night Football and the future of the NFL as well as preview the Steelers game at nearly every matchup. Featuring a mailbag that runs hot and cold with tacos and milkshakes, respectively, this episode is colossally huge!

Episode 193: Up Their Donkey

rif and James recap the fantastic Vikings win over the New Orleans Saints, including a conversation about what might be sustainable and what might end up being fluky. They have a discussion about hwo much credit to the success can be given to the Vikings’ inherent ability and what should be blamed on the Saints’ overall talent. Also, crockpot recipes.

Episode 192: A Place for Real Fantasy

The three-man pod is back! This episode of Norse Code asks how much of a jerk Alex Boone must have been, then dives into the specifics on the Saints-Vikings matchup on Monday. After that, a mailbag featuring key wingman assets.